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Domestic Cleaning Terms and Conditions

Regular Cleaning


ICS will perform the cleaning  specified by the Client in a professional manner. ICS reserves the  right to make changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions without notice.  By ordering any part of ICS services via telephone, e-mail or  website the client is agreeing to be bound by ICS and  Conditions of Service.


When booking a cleaning service, the Client  is obliged to provide details of name, address and telephone number. The Client  accepts these Terms and Conditions unless he/she contacts the Company before  the cleaning session has started.


ICS reserves the right to suspend  cleaning services if monthly or any other payments are missing.


The client understands that the price he/she  has been quoted does not include anything apart from cleaning labour as per quoted.


All fragile and breakable items must be  secured or removed. Any pictures, photographs, prints, paintings, mirrors, wall  art, must be firmly secured to the wall. If any are not properly secured it has  to be brought to the ICS attention.


Estimates of how long it will take our  operatives to carry out the service required are based on the average time it  takes to clean a property of a similar size to the client's. It is difficult to  estimate precisely how long such tasks may take and as such a degree of  flexibility may be required.


ICS agrees to provide a completed  Schedule, which can be downloaded from the website, or supplied by your cleaner on the day of the quotation.


All cleaning materials and equipment needed  for the required work are to be provided by ICS unless other  arrangements have been made with ICS.




We provide a Free of Charge Key Holding  Service but if a ICS Manager needs to collect keys from a third party's  address outside the postal code of the premises where work is to be carried out  then a £10.00 charge will apply.


All keys will be tested prior to work  commencing by the Manager of ICS. Any keys provided must open the  lock(s) without any special efforts or skills. This applies to all external  doors, internal doors and security shutters/Gates.


ICS will not be responsible for  keys failing in locks or triggering any alarm systems. Clients should give any  special instructions for deactivation/activation of any household alarm  systems.




ICS provides Public and Employer's  liability insurance. The policy covers any accidental damage caused by an  operator working on behalf of ICS, reported to the company within 24  hours of service completion.           


Insurance cover does not include anything  that may break down or stop working at any time such as dishwashers, washing  machines, ovens, cookers, extractor fans, fridge and freezer. Nor does it  include any other items of instability of which the client is already aware of,  such as bathroom appliances or any fixtures. The Client is obliged to warn the  Company or the cleaner about appliances that are poorly fixed or not in full  working order.




In the event that the client is not satisfied  with the standard of work, he/she should contact the company within 24 hours  after the completion of the service. Unless good reason is given for late  notification of any complaint, the company will not consider any complaints  which are notified after such period of 24 hours.           


In the event of complaint the client will  allow the company to send a cleaner back to the client’s property to complete the  work to the client’s satisfaction and the company will not normally refund any  payment if it is not permitted to return to the client’s property to complete  the clean. The Kleen Team reserves the right to return a cleaner no more than  once.


End of Tenancy  cleaning


The property must be vacated with keys made  available to ICS management before commencement of the service.           


For the servicing of End of Tenancy  Properties, power, lighting, water and gas/heating must be available prior to  commencement of work.


The client agrees to pay a percentage of the  quote as a cancellation fee.  In the  event of a lock out, being turned away, no water or power available at client’s  premises or problem with clients keys. This is to cover administration and the  cost of cleaner’s time.


Carpets and Flooring


ICS will not be responsible for failing to remove old permanent stains  such as burns, paint, debris that cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner.  Existing damage will be reported prior to commencing work.


We  offer a Carpet Cleaning Service, which can be arranged for you at an additional  cost.




ICS accepts most methods of  payment. ICS stresses that payment should be made on the day of  cleaning in the following methods of cash, cheque or bank transfer.           


ICS bank details can be made  available upon request.  Alternative  arrangements for regular clients to pay on a monthly basis can be arranged.  Please telephone the office for further details.




Regular clients: A cancelation fee may apply  if he/she cancels the scheduled cleaning appointment less than 48 hours prior  to its commencement.


Other Terms and Conditions  not included above


The client agrees to pay a percentage of the  quote as a cancellation fee in the event of a lock-out caused by our cleaners  being turned away; no one home to let them in; no water or power available at  client's premises or a problem with clients keys. If keys are provided they  must open the lock without any special efforts or skills. If an initial deposit  has been paid to ICS then the client agrees that the deposit may be  used to cover the cancellation fee.


ICS reserves the right to charge  any client for non-notification on a pre-booked cleaning schedule. It will be  based purely on an individual case by case bases, this does not affect your  statuary rights.


These terms and conditions shall be governed  by the relevant United Kingdom law, and by agreeing to be bound by them the  customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts  of the United Kingdom. The Kleen Team reserves the right to make any changes to  any part of these terms and conditions without giving any prior formal notice.


Please take time to browse through our website. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to call ICS,  we will be glad to assist you or answer any queries that you may have.


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